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Statement on the rumours on a pending agreement between the European Commission and Google

It is essential that Google's proposals to the European Commission be market-tested

04 February 2014. Last week a Reuters  report  suggested that the European Commission and Google were close to agreeing on a settlement in the long going antitrust investigations but without providing the opportunity to complainants and other interested parties to provide their feedback. If the report is accurate, this would be a scandal for the industry and for consumers alike, all Interner users.  After two failed market-tests, an agreement concluded behind closed doors would lack credibility and legitimacy.

Industry and consumers should be asked to provide their feedback on propositions that will affect them primarily and, with Google dominating up to 90% of the search market worldwide, have the chance to see and analyse propositions that will shape the Internet in the next couple of years.

The signatories below therefore urge the European Commission to market-test the latest proposals for remedies put foward by Google.
List of coalition of the global picture industry signing the present statement

These 19 organisations represent thousands of individual visual authors and picture agencies picture worldwide

• American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP), USA
• American Photographic Artists (APA), USA
• Digital Media Licensing Association (PACA), USA
• Fédération Nationale des Agences de Presse Photo & Information - France (FNAPPI)
• Graphic Artists Guild (GAG), USA
• National Press Photographers Association (NPPA), USA
• Professional Photographers of America (PPA), USA
• Sdružení pro internetovou reklamu v ČR, z.s.p.o - Czech Republic (SPIR)
• Société des auteurs des arts visuels et de l'image fixe (SAIF ), France
• Syndicat des Agences de Presse Photographiques d'Information et de Reportage - France (SAPHIR), France
• Union des Photographes Professionnels ( UPP), France

While representing all its European members, CEPIC received particular support from the following national associations:
• Asociacion Empresarial de Agencias de Prensa y Archivos Fotograficos - Spain (AEAPAF)
• British Association of Picture Agencies and Libraries - United Kingdom (BAPLA)
• Bildleverantörernas Förening, Huddinge - Sweden/Denmark/Norway (BLF)
• Bundesverband der Pressebild-Agenturen and Bildarchive - Germany (BVPA)
NLimage - Netherlands
• Schweizerische Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Bild-Agenturen und-Archive - Switzerland (SAB)
• SvenskBildbyraförening - Sweden (SBF)
• Syndicat National des Agences Photographiques d’Illustration Générales — France (SNAPIG)

About CEPIC & Coalition
On 8 November 2013,  on behalf of thousands of photographers and picture agencies, CEPIC, the Center of the Picture Industry, submitted a formal antitrust complaint against Google’s use of third-party images before the European Commission.

The complaint was submitted on 8 November 2013 by CEPIC, supported by an unprecedented coalition of European and US trade associations representing thousands of photographers and picture agencies worldwide. On 3 February 2014, following the Reuters report, CEPIC has written to the European Commission requiring a market test of the third Google's proposals for remedies.

For further information please contact the (coalition) representatives:

· Sylvie Fodor, Executive Director of CEPIC, s.fodor@cepic.org ; +49 177 2332 514

· Alfonso Gutierrez, President of CEPIC, alfonso@agefotostock.com, + 34 933 00 2552

· Dr Thomas Hoppner, Legal Counsel, Olswang Germany LLP, thomas.hoppner@olswang.com +49 30 700 171-176


CEPIC is a European not-for-profit trade association in the field of image rights. CEPIC was founded in 1993 to present a unified voice to advise and lobby on new legislation emerging from Brussels. It was registered as an EEIG (Economic European Interest Group) in Paris in 1999. As the Centre of the Picture Industry, CEPIC brings together nearly 900 picture agencies and photo libraries in 20 countries across Europe, both within and outside the European Union. It has affiliates in North America and Asia. It has among its membership the larger global players such as Getty, Corbis or Reuters. Through its membership, CEPIC represents more than 150.000 authors in direct licensing.

CEPIC’s members are expert in the conservation and marketing of imagery. They have been digitising content from the advent of the Internet, making the resulting digital asset available for commercial use, such as to newspapers, magazines and broadcasters, off and on-line, as well as in non- commercial environments for the purposes of research and education.  Picture agencies and photo libraries also act as commercial rights management service providers on behalf of creators.

CEPIC achieved observer status at WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation) in 1997. CEPIC has been a member of IPTC since 2005, of ICOMP since 2009 and joined the Linked Content Coalition early 2012. It is part of the ARROW project and, together with partner, EVA for collecting societies for visual arts, released a feasibility study on the inclusion of visual material in the ARROW system. From 2013, it will be part of the EU funded project, RDI (Rights Data Integration) proposed by the Linked Content Coalition.

President is Alfonso Gutierrez (president@cepic.org)
Executive Director is Sylvie Fodor (s.fodor@cepic.org)

The CEPIC Office is located in Berlin, Germany.
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