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Photo: CTK Photobank
From left to right: Pieter Doorman, Anders Lusth, Lars Modie, Alfonso Gutierrez, Edith Stier-Thompson, Stefan Wittwer, Véronique Martingay, John Balean, Sylvie Fodor
At its Annual General Meeting on Monday 10 June, CEPIC AGM elected a new board for a period of two years.

President is Alfonso Gutierrez (Spain/ AEAPAF / Age Fotostock)
Vice president Edith Stier-Thompson (Germany/ BVPA / DPA)
Treasurer Stefan Wittwer (Switzerland/ SAB/ Prisma)

Committee members at large are:
John Balean (UK/ BAPLA/ TopFoto)
Pieter Doorman (Netherlands/ NL Images/ ImageSelect)
Anders Lusth (Sweden/ SBF/ Johner)
Véronique Martingay (France/ SNAPIG/ La Collection)
Lars Modie (Sweden/ BLF/ IBL)

At the same AGM, BERLIN was selected as the next Congress venue in June 2014

About CEPIC:
CEPIC stands for the Coordination of European Picture Agencies Stock, Press and Heritage. It aims to be the centre of the picture industry and federates nearly a thousand of picture agencies and photo libraries in 20 countries across Europe, both within and outside the European Union. It also has affiliates in North America and Asia. The annual CEPIC Congress is the largest global gathering of the international photo community and extends CEPIC’s network on all five continents. More information about CEPIC is available at: www.cepic.org

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